Earthquake of magnitude 8 to hit Kashmir?

New York: As per the recently conducted study, the new geologic mapping in the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir hints that the region is setting up for a major earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or more that possibly can endanger the lives of million people.

Information about the Riasi fault in Kashmir has been with the Scientists although it was not thought of as much of a threat like the other, more active fault systems.

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Nevertheless subsequent to a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in 2005 hitting the nearby Balakot-Bagh fault, researchers started scrutinizing other fault systems in the region.

Scientists discovered that the pressure has been building up for sometime in Riasi fault and suggested that when it does release or “slip”, the resulting earthquake may be huge of as much as magnitude 8.0 or even greater.

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Lead author of the study Yann Gavillot stated: “What we set out to learn was how much the fault has moved in the last tens of thousands of years, when it moved, and how different segments of the fault move.”