Eat this to reduce risk of colorectal cancer!

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According to the information given through a study, consuming lots of fruits and fish will help you reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. The study showed that if you decrease the consumption of cold drinks then it helps prevent the risk of colorectal cancer by near about 86 per cent.

Colorectal cancer develops from intestinal polyps and has been linked to a low-fibre diet heavy on red meat, alcohol and high-calorie foods.

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Naomi Fliss Isakov from Tel-Aviv Medical Centre went on to say: “We found that each one of these three choices was associated with a little more than 30 per cent reduced odds of a person having an advanced, pre-cancerous colorectal lesion, compared to people who did not eat any of the Mediterranean diet components.”

Isakov further added: “Among people who made all three healthy choices the benefit was compounded to almost 86 per cent reduced odds.”

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A typical Mediterranean diet was defined as consumption levels above the group median for fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains, fish and poultry and a high ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fatty acids, as well as consumption below the median of red meat, alcohol, and soft drinks.

The study also showed that consumption of even two to three components of the diet, compared to none, was associated with half the odds of advanced polyps.

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