Economics from Rahul Gandhi University

New Delhi:  Rahul Gandhi is of the opinion that petrol and diesel be brought under the Goods and Services Tax regime in order to prevent “excessive profiteering”.

Congress Vice President also add that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should not view the new tax reform to further electoral interests.

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“Time to correct the ‘One Nation, Seven Tax’, multiple form filing and draconian power of taxman. Make it ‘Good’ and ‘Simple’ beyond rhetoric,” he said.

Rahul further went on to add, “Wish Modiji viewed economic slide and GST mess from prism of solving suffering of people than furthering electoral interests.”

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The Congress leader said, “Then, 1st step would be to bring Petrol/Diesel under GST to prevent excessive profiteering from common man as GOI alone earns Rs. 2,73,000 crore.”

He asked the prime minister to focus on job creation. Rahul Gandhi said around 30,000 youth are demanding jobs and only 450 get them everyday, thereby creating an army of 10lakh unemployed youth a month.

The Congress leader alleged that the government was spending all its energies on big businesses but neglecting the small and medium sectors.

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