Election Commissioner O P Rawat slams political parties

New Delhi: Election Commissioner O P Rawat is of the opinion that  winning at all costs without exclusion of ethical considerations has become a norm in the politics these days.

He said that poaching of legislators is been branded as smart political management. “Strategic introduction of money for allurement, tough-minded use of state machinery for intimidation etc. are all commended as resourcefulness,” pointed out Rawat.

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This statement of Rawat has come after the Election Commission’s decision of dismissing votes cast by two rebel Congress MLAs in the Gujarat RS polls.

“The winner can commit no sin; a defector crossing over to the ruling camp stands cleansed of all the guilt as also possible criminality. It is this creeping ‘new normal’ of political morality that should be the target for exemplary action by all political parties, politicians, media, civil society organisations, constitutional authorities and all those having faith in democratic polity for better election, a better tomorrow,” Rawat added.

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 Earlier, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had questioned the impartiality of Rawat.