Exposure is not necessarily sexy: Alia Bhatt

Photo of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt.

Mumbai: Actress Alia Bhatt gave an opinion that carrying revealing attires doesn’t make one look sexy. The actress feels that beauty is not only about your physical appearance but beauty lies inside you, it’s one’s heart that should be beautiful.

The ‘Udta Punjab’ actress thinks that she looks hot in her comfortable pyjamas as compared to wearing a bikini or saree. When was asked to choose between saree and bikini, Alia stated: “Bikini can be sexy because you are showing skin but I don’t think that is necessarily sexy. Saree, I haven’t explored much. I will opt for pyjamas because that is a lot more effortless and easy to wear.”

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While talking about fashion trends at a launch of special fashion issue of Filmfare, the actress further went on to say that: “I don’t think fashion trends change every day. We are aware of various trends because of social media.
Even I don’t know of the many trends that are out there. Being a girl and actress, I love to doll up. I love to dress up. I relate myself to the trends the way they fit me. I don’t go for something just because they are happening trends at that time. I only make that my own if that suits my personality. Making my fashion statement is all about your personality and the person that you are. Following trends blindly doesn’t make you a fashion icon. You have to have a direction about the trends you follow.”

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However, Alia also made an official announcement shooting down all the rumours that was a matter of talk in the social media about Ali Zafar being replaced in ‘Dear Zindagi’ and went on to say that: “No one has been replaced. The film will release in full form. We can leave that topic as it has died now”.

By – Prishita Rathi

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