Farmer receive new currency notes of Rs 2000 with Gandhi’s image missing

Photo of the new currency notes of Rs 2,000 from which Mahatma Gandhi's image is missing.

New Delhi: The cash crunch has brought panic and something unusual wherein there was a printing error where Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was missing from the genuine new note of Rs 2,000. According to the reports, some farmers in Madhya Pradesh have received new printed Rs 2,000 notes where Bapu’s image was missing on them and they are not fake notes but may be an error.

As per the reports, the farmers who received the misprinted notes thought that the notes were fake but this doubt was soon wiped out by the bank officials as they declared them genuine and considered it as a ‘printing error’ as the reason behind the abnormality of the notes received by the farmers.

After declaring the error as printing mistake, the State Bank of India (SBI) branch from where the farmers had received the currency and took back the notes. According to the sources, the notes were printed at the Bank Note Press in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

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