Fashion designer Kelly says men want to have sex with her

British singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter turned fashion designer Kelly Osbourne said that because of her popularity some men are just interested in her for having sex.

Born on October 27, 1984; this 31-years-old daughter of Black Sabbath Frontman Ozzy and television show host Sharon revealed that because of her reputation some men are interested in her and wants to establish physical relation with her.

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She said: “People always want to say they’ve f***ed Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. Boys tell me. I could have been born like Quasimodo and I still would have been a conquest. And you can tell, when someone’s having sex with you, if that’s their reason. It’s a disgusting, awful feeling. I am quite defensive when I talk to guys.

“I am mouthy, but I will tell you the truth. I am pint-sized, but a little bit chubby. I’m still trying to figure the rest out.”

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Osbourne, who has been in rehab for seven times, has faced tough times in her life.

The reason behind Kelly be in rehabilitation center was incidence which she has faced in her life including her brother Jack’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, her mother’s cancer battle and her father Ozzy’s near-death experience after a quad bike crash, but says she has emerged stronger than ever.


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