Father becomes beggar to perform last rites of minor daughter

Photo of a poor man named Ramesh sitting along with the dead body of her daughter Anjali outside district hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Laakhimpur district.

Lucknow: In a shocking incident a poor father today became beggar and requested to lend money to him to take his daughter’s body to home for performing last rites in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakimpur district.

The incident was reported from the Mituli Tehsil, which is about 45 kilometers from Uttar Pradesh’s Lakimpur district, from where the deceased victim father Ramesh admitted his daughter Anjali suffering some decease from past few days.

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On Thursday, when Anjali’s condition got deteriorate his father booked 108 ambulance service from his village to take his daughter for treatment in Lakhimpur’s district hospital, but after reaching hospital doctors begins initial treatment, later declared her dead.

The worried father of deceased victims first request for help from the hospital administration, but when he did not get any kind of help then he decided to put the dead body of his daughter on the road outside the hospital and begged for money to take his daughter’s body to home for performing last religious rights.

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The worst thing in this whole incident is that he even did not provided Ambulance from the hospital administration side.

The helpless father after getting some money collected from the roadside people purchased white clothe to cover his daughter’s body, book private ambulance took her body to his native town and performed her last religious rights.

The deceased victims first Ramesh told media persons that he has three daughters and Anjali was the eldest among them and due to his wife is blind Anjali use to perform household works.

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The whole family is under extreme sadness after Anjali left them all alone and Ramesh has nothing to earn and nothing to lose now.

On other hand the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Dipendra Nath Choudhary has critised the whole incident and gave assurment to take action against the culprits.


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