Fed up of skin darkening this Summers? Home remedies get rid of tan

Be it any of our reader or a bride to-be, we have a bucket of list to be taken care of and amidst this entire hullabaloo one thing that compromises utmost is our skin. Owing to these humid and super sunny days we are left with that unwanted tanned look.

Technically, getting tanned is the defensive mechanism of our skin. Skin darkening appears on an outer skin by the deposition of melanin under the epidermal layer which means the longer we are exposed to sun, the greater will be our melanin deposition.

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Luckily, it is a reversible process and for this we just need few tips and tricks to repair our darkened skin. It can be seen that age-old skin regimes can work wonders in this process of de-tanning and in a bonus comes a clear, radiant skin.

Here are few tips for Indian skin to pamper it and make it look absolutely stunning. Yes! Even in this scotching hot climate.


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Miraculous sandalwood tops our list for its cleansing reagents. Applying sandalwood mask for about 15 min will give us a soft, supple and radiant look.

To prepare this mask take sandalwood and turmeric in an equal proportion with few drops of rose water, apply it on the affected area, two days in a week and see your skin rejuvenating naturally.


We Indians have a common problem of oily skin, so exfoliation becomes quite a priority in our skin care regime in order to unclog the pores of the sweat, dirt, and pollutant and hence cleanse them to the root. Oats is said to have astonishing effects in the process of exfoliation and simultaneously makes your skin baby soft.

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To prepare this mask take a generous amount of oats mixed with buttermilk and a tablespoon of honey, mix it well and apply it on an affected area for around 20 min. It is much recommended mask for sensitive skin and does wonders when it comes to eradicating boils.

Saffron and Milk 

Both these ingredients hold an exceptional place in our culture for their astounding effects inside as well as on the outside of our body. Where milk on one hand is a natural toner and cleanser, saffron makes our skin glowing and radiant.

To prepare this mask mix few strands of saffron with a tablespoon of milk and apply it on affected areas, leave it for overnight and wash away in the morning. It will not only de-tan your skin but also restore your natural skin color.

Aloe Vera

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Who knew that a succulent wild plant will become an elixir to deterge so many diseases from our body? From being used for abdominal cures to rejuvenating skin and hair, aloe vera solely can be an accomplished anti-inflammatory, antiseptic for our body.

You just have to massage Aloe Vera gel in the night and wash it in the morning. Apply this gel daily for better and quicker results.


We Indians are quite aware of potent powers of turmeric. It is the reason why we have special haldi ceremony function just before the wedding. It has bioactive compounds with powerful medical properties. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic reagents make it a most used ingredient in our skin care regime. It helps fighting acne, brighten skin and thus leaves it soft and supple. 

To prepare a mask we need a paste of Gramflour (besan), with a teaspoon of turmeric (haldi) along with few drops of rose water or even milk will help you gain that desirable look. If it is used as a scrub it becomes a mask to reduce facial hairs.

All these remedies are quite effective and will definitely not make a hole in your pocket!

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