Five points about Swami Om that makes him a funny character in the Bigg Boss house

Photo of Bigg Boss season 10th contestant Swami Om.

Mumbai: Talking about Swami Om is always interesting and certain statement he makes is really funny and entertaining. He was even complimented by Salman in the weekend episode of being a true entertainer of this season. Salman has also mockingly requested all the other contestants not to nominate Swami Om.

Here are some statements by Swamiji which are absolutely funny and would make you laugh out loud:

– He divulged the details and proudly claimed how his ‘kick’ had healed Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor of a chronic backache.

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– Making his statements even more funnier, he claimed that he could even walk on water to which Salman even questioned him on a lighter note and sarcastically compared him to God.

– Another comic line which made Salman burst into laughter was that Swami Om acting classes to legendary actresses Rekha and Hemamalini.

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– He claimed for safety in the house as according to him all other participants are making a plan to kill him and hence he requires safety arrangements.

– Swami Om boldly stated that he is empowered to predict things from the future and he can also make the eviction by his will and can also save the contestants by his prayers.

(Story by:- Prishita Rathi)

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