Five remedies to keep your feet infection-free during monsoon

Monsoon is the season of fun and greenery but besides that it also results in water logged streets and moist cool temperature which makes the skin, especially the feet to suffer from infections.

During monsoons, the maximum effect of contaminated water is on your feet. The mud and dirt along with rain makes your feet dirty and therefore, it results fungal and other types of infections.

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Here are some remedies which will make your feet infection-free:

1) Keep your skin dry: Always try to keep your feet dry by wearing shoes rather than sandles while moving out because then fungal and bacterial infections will happen if the feet will get wet.

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2) Foot scrubbing: While taking shower, soak your feet in the water for about 10 minutes, then add any soap or shampoo to the water and after 10 minutes take out your feet from the water and scrub it with the feet scrubber.

3) Foot moisturizer: After scrubbing your feet, apply any moisturizer on them. It will help you to make your feet smooth and free from infection.

4) Apply antiseptic gels: Apply antiseptic gels on your feet, before going to bed at night. This will cure you from infections.

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5) Fish spa: Go for fish spa foot massage during monsoon as it will remove your dead cells and make your feet clean.