Five ways which will keep you full of energy whole day

energy whole day

Being sluggish is common these days keeping in mind the quality of food intake, lack of exercise and hectic job schedule of the youngsters. There are several factors that make one sloppy and tired, youths are lacking the energy level that is needed in this fast moving life and to make up for all these things here are some of the ways that can be beneficial to enhance your fitness level.

Here are five ways to keep you energetic whole day:

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1) Perform simple breathing exercise: When you feel over-worked or stressed out, stop your work for a while and start breathing deeply in and out from your nostrils. This will make you focused and active again.

2) Avoid deep fried food: Eating deep fried food makes you less-energetic and drowsy. Therefore, avoid eating fried food.

3) Build a habit of eating salad: Vegetables are complex food which helps you in making positive and full of energy.

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4) Water: Drink more water after you wake up as drinking water improves your efficiency.

5) Intake of vitamins: Eat food which are healthy in vitamin as such food will provide you energy and will keep you energetic whole day.