For Mamata Banerjee, Amit Shah is enemy number 1, not Narendra Modi

Kolkata: There is interesting twist in the story, with Mamata Banerjee shifting focus on Amit Shah rather than Narendra Modi.

“I favour Narendra Modi, not Amit Shah. I don’t blame the PM. Why should I blame him? His party should take care of it,” Mamata said.

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Interestingly, West Bengal Chief Minister praised former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “He is also a BJP man… but he was very balanced and impartial. We worked under him and never faced any problem,” she said.

She further went on to add: “But why are we facing problems today? I do not want to blame the prime minister but his party should take care. Why is his party creating problems for everyone?”

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This all of a sudden change in thinking has surprised everyone in the political circle.

“The Opposition parties have come on a platform and there will be change (at the Centre) in 2019. We are waiting for the change… No front has been formed as yet, but the opposition parties have come on a platform and have started working. Wait for six months. Things will be clear,” pointed out Mamata Banerjee.