Gandhi might get ejected from currency as well, says BJP leader

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Heath Minster Haryana Anil Vij today gave his controversial comment on Mahatama Gandhi and stated that the Gandhi’s picture might get removed from the currency notes in future.

He further stated while responding to the recent controversy of new Khadi Gramdyog calendar featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of Gandhi that after khadi stationary, Mahatma Gandhi would be removed from notes as well.

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Anil Vij further stated that Prime Minister Modi is a bigger brand name than Mahatma Gandhi for khadi. “After Modi’s association with khadi, there has been 14 per cent increase in sale of the products.”

Anil Vij said, “Khadi is not patented in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. The name of Mahatma Gandhi led to fall in sale of khadi products. Same happened with Rupee.”

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