German: Two dead, four injured in nightclub shooting

Germany: According to the information given by the officials, in an incident that took place in southern Germany, that killed two people and four others got injured in a nightclub shooting.

Police went on to say: “The 34-year-old attacker was critically injured in a shootout with police officers as he left the disco, and later succumbed to his wounds in hospital.”

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“The motives of the man, who probably acted alone, are not known yet,” they said.

Officers began receiving emergency calls from terrified clubbers at around 4:30 am (0230 GMT) after the man began shooting in the nightclub in an industrial zone in the city of Constance, killing one person on the spot and leaving three other people seriously wounded.

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Shortly after he left the building, he was shot by police. One officer was also injured in the exchange of fire.

Terrified nightclubbers had either fled the building or found a place to hide, police said, adding that the danger was now over.

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