Get glowing skin this festive season with these homemade remedies

Photo related to glowing skin of Indian girl.

Festive season is all around the corner and everyone is full of zeal as well with joy. As Durga Pooja and Diwali is here, both the festivals offer’s lots of gathering.

Everyone in our country has started preparation to welcome upcoming festive events and was busy in buying goods as well maintaining and lighting home. But in day to day hurry we rush to do household chocks and hardly give attention to our skin and beauty.

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At last moment of festive season we notice our dark skin wholly polluted and dusted. We pay very less attention towards the care of our looks and beauty.
Finally at time of festival we realize that in rush we had ignored the most important aspect which result in dry and dusted look.

So, here is the solution of this last moment menace of dark circled and dusted face. We below describe some homemade remedies to get a shiny and glowing skin in just few minutes.

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• All skin type: To get a gorgeous look instantly this method can be used by all-skin type people. One after washing face with water can apply a fresh lemon and tomato juice. Apply the essence for 10-15 min and then wash it with fresh water. This will soothe the skin and also absorb excessive oil from the face. This pack will also lead to reduce acne.

• Oily skin: People with oily skin can make a mixture of multani mitti, rose water, lemon juice and should add some amount of honey to it. Apply the mixture on face and rinse it after 15-20 minutes. This pack will help to increase pH of skin and give you face a natural glow. This will nourish and moisturise your skin and thus your skin glow radiantly.

• Dry skin type: For people with dry skin pH value needs to be less. You can mix honey and curd in equal proportion and add banana in small portion to the mixture. Apply mixture and rinse it within 10-15 minutes. This paste as it consists of banana is helpful to destroy acne causing bacteria and also nourish and glorify your skin.

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• Sensitive skin type: People with sensitive skin can apply probiotic curd and can wash it after 5 minutes.

These simple homemade remedies will provide you with glowing skin in a short time and make you ready to rock this festive season.

(Note:- Story by Ila Kazmi)


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