Gorakhpur deaths: Investigating team finding it tough

Lucknow: The team investigating the death of number of neonates at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College has reportedly run into stonewalling routines by hospital authorities in its quest to access documents pertaining to oxygen supply.

According to the sources, few of the doctors also allegedly avoided facing the team which visited the hospital few days back.

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Only few of the complainants recorded their statement before the team that includes UP health secretary Alok Kumar and finance secretary Mukesh Mittal.

“The hospital authorities are yet to provide us all the documents demanded by our team,” pointed out a team member on the condition of anonymity.

“If the supply is centralized, it has to be controlled by a central gas pipeline at a given pressure. Oxygen cylinders placed along bedside are used only if that pressure is disturbed. We have asked them about time at which the supply pressure was disturbed or broken,” added a source.

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The investigation team is also looking for answers as to why the oxygen cylinders placed at the bedside were not being employed.

“We are also yet to get satisfactory answer to the vital question that whether there was oxygen in the cylinders and who was responsible for managing all these activities,” team member said.


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