Gorakhpur Mahotsav a priority for Yogi govt, questions raised

Gorakhpur Mahotsav is been seen as one of the most talked event in the recent few days keeping in mind the fact that the event is been hosted in the city that Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Aadiyanath belongs to.

Gorakhpur MP Yogi Aadityanath has been quite excited in promoting the event and is known to have assisted in glorifying the Bhojpuri culture through the event.

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Whereas the key concern of the opposition and people is that if government has funds to make such events a big hit then why these funds can’t be used in enhancing the basic medical facilities in Gorakhpur. Hardly few months back, several children lost their lives due to lack of medical assistance and now the government have funds to conduct these events by giving several crores to the organizers.

In the previous government it was been questioned that why Safai Mahostsav is been carried out on a large scale following to the Muzaffar Nagar riots and problems. And now the same things are repeated in the current government under the Yogi regime.

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The key factor that has been in limelight was the BRD medical college incident in which 40 children lost their lives with 24 hours due to encephalitis and it came out as a shocker for many. There was then blame game done subsequent to the deaths and faded some time after, but now opposition is not missing out on any opportunity to take on the Yogi government as they showed on several crucial occasions that they are very much sensitive but have not been able to prove their worth.