Graduate tricks 6 lakh people of Rs 3,700 cr in Noida

NOIDA: It took Anubhav Mittal just more than a year to carry out a fraud of Rs 3,700 crore by fooling more than 6 lakh people in Noida.

Anubhav Mittal, a 26-year-old BTech graduate tricked more than 6 lakh people as they gave him their money through a Ponzi scheme that assured big profits for hitting ‘likes’ online.

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The scheme operated through a network of dubious URLs (online links) sent to phones of subscribers that they were asked to click.

Audaciously, these would sometimes be links to Facebook or Twitter profiles of other subscribers. A fake server was set up where these links would terminate.

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Mittal and his two aides 40-year-old Shridhar Prasad, an MBA, and 25-year-old Mahesh Dayal got arrested as they were carrying this from an office in Noida’s Sector 63. Fake company called Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited was also operated from there.

The STF team recovered around 250 passports at the time when the office was raided. The passports were supposed to be of the people who gave high performances and were to be rewarded with a trip to Australia.

At the time of investigation police got to know about 520 crore rupees deposited in 12 accounts of the company registered in Canara Bank. Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank and Axis Bank.

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