Gratify your platter this Ganesh Chaturthi by Chocolate Modaks

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Lucknow: This Ganesh Chaturthi be ready to appetise your platter with special recipe of Modaks. This festive season start experimenting by getting rid of ordinary modaks and innovate new dishes by adding some chocolaty magic.

Here, we present method to mould classic modaks into a chocolaty twist. So, appetise your platter differently and get ready for appreciations. And don’t be surprised if I say this twist you can bring to your modaks in just half an hour.

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Preparing Chocolate Modaks:-

It will hardly take 25-30 minutes to prepare chocolate modaks.

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192m – Chocolate bar (preferably a dark and mildly sweet chocolate).
1 tsp – Butter.
1/4th cup (about 2 oz or 50g) – Sweetened condensed milk.
1-2 tsp – Rooh Afza for flavour (optional).
About 5 tbsp – Finely powdered desiccated coconut.
1 heaped tbsp – Almonds, pistachios and golden raisins.
1/4 tsp – Fresh ground cardamom (optional).
Modak or Chocolate mould sheet with deep-filling cavities.


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. Put up some nuts in a mortar grind them with pestle and then chop rasins.

. In a mixing bowl, add coconut powder, sweetened condensed milk, ground nuts, chopped raisins, Roof Afza and cardamom powder and now mix them all together.

. According to your requirements determine shape and size of modaks, make small round balls out of those sweet coconut mixture. The size of each ball should be a little less than half the size of the chocolate mould cavity.

.Set the chocolate mould ready for use. Brush/grease minimally with butter as per the mould’s package instructions.

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. Add butter and broken chocolate bar pieces in a micro-wave friendly bowl. Place into microwave for 15 sec and set a high temperature .Take out bowl and now mash the paste well with a spoon. Place it back in the microwave and heat for another 10-15 seconds or till most of the chocolate pieces have softened. Stir with a spoon to obtain a smooth melted chocolate mixture. Do not heat the chocolate too much-it will result in burning.

. Fill melted chocolate mixture or half of each mould. Gently push down one sweet-filling ball each into the cavities. Then fill the remaining of the cavities with melted chocolate. Do not overfill. It is ideal to fill up to just a bit below the cavity brim.

.Now dip sweet balls into chocolate completely and cover them.

. Hold the mold sheet from the two ends or sides carefully by using your both hands. Gently tap the mold a couple times. This helps in getting rid of any trapped air bubbles, and also facilitates the chocolate mixture getting into every corner of its cavity and evenly distribute.

. Keep the mould sheet into a freezer and let freeze for 10-15 minutes, till the chocolate modaks are become hard and are well set.

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. Get the modaks out of the mold, gently. Using a new clean paint brush and cake icing, outline what you like and decorate it well.

. Your modaks are ready to serve, it’s better to serve them chilled. Store them in a cool place to avoid heat and humidity as that will melt modaks.

Note:- Story inputs by Ila Kazmi