Great amount of public support received for GST: Jaitley

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley yesterday stated that the Goods and Services Tax evoked great amount of public support as it was not an easy reform to implement.

Jaitley went on to say: “However, this time there was “great amount of public support” for the Goods and Services Tax as people have become “restless.”

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He further went on to say: “We have reached a stage of history where there is a great amount of popular support behind reforms because people have become restless. They are not willing to be satisfied with a situation wherein India cannot reach up to its potential.”

Mr Jaitley was in the city to address a GST Conclave organised by various industry bodies like CII and FICCI. “I can say with a reasonable expectation for the future that it (GST) was not a very easy reform to implement. Occasionally, there are people who try and prevent any reform from happening,” he said.

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Finance Minister said that he had learnt in the last few years that one should not blink if convinced that a reform was in the national interest.

“If you pause, blink, go into a reconsideration mode, then those who want to trip you will never allow those reforms to take place,” he said

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