Happy Mother’s Day 2016: Here’s how to make mothers feel special on the day!

Mother’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the mothers all across as well as to honor maternity. From Kali to Madonna to Aphrodite, the mother figure has been praised in several forms in myths and in their various roles as the nurturer, protector and sustainer. It is an auspicious occasion to acknowledge your mother who made manifold sacrifices for you as well as the family. In India it is observed on the second Sunday of May.

On May 8, India is celebrating Mother’s Day and children do a lot of stuff to make their mummy happy and also to express their love for her.

Unlike buying expensive gifts, cards, and a grandiloquent celebration, try doing something unique for your mother. Here are five things you can do for your mother this Mother’s Day:

• Give her a day off: Your mother works like a machine from the wee hours of the day to late night for the family. Give her a day off from all the work. Let her relax on the day which is dedicated to her.

• Spend the day with her: The biggest happiness for any mother is to see her children around and hence, on Mother’s Day today, take off from all your works and spend a day with her.

• Make a card for her: Cards play a vital role in expressing your feelings for someone. Instead of buying a Mother’s Day card from the market, try a handmade card with beautiful lines on it.

• Plan a Surprise Party: If your mother loves an outing, plan a short trip for her on the Mother’s Day and give her an awesome surprise.

• Prepare her favorite dish: Not every child is good at cooking but if you are, make sure to prepare your mother’s favorite recipe for on the Mother’s Day.