Happy that govt taken revenge of our Martyr Soldiers: Hemraj’s Wife

Photo of Indian martyr soldier Hemraj wife Dharamvati.

New Delhi: The wife of Indian martyr soldier ‘Hemraj’ said during an interview, that politics on the surgical strike should be stopped and I am very happy that this government has taken revenge of our soldiers who were killed during Uri attacks.

She further said that she is really unhappy with the statements given by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who is seeking proof of ‘Surgical Strike’.

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Hemraj has been killed on January, 2013 in a border attack by Pakistan Army, who took off his head after cutting it brutally.

She said that “instead of asking for the proof’s he (Kejriwal) should applaud our army. He is ruling the Delhi Government or playing politics?”

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‘Dharmvati’ the wife of Hemraj who resides in Mathura said, that we should stop playing politics on our Indian Army and Martyr’s, “Army go to the borders and live a dangerous life. They do not play politics and therefore there should be no politics on Army.”

Surgical Strike has become a hot topic so that the politicians can get the credit; use it to get sympathies from the people to fill their vote banks and few to prove themselves as a more empathized person.

Dharamvati added further her discouragement; she said that this feels extremely painful that this topic of surgical strike is totally changed into a topic of politics. Nobody actually remember those army men’s who gave their life for our Nation and their families pain, instead this politics is backing the courage of our Indian Army.

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When Dharamvati was asked about the ‘AAP’ and ‘Congress’ leader who asked for the proof’s of the recent Surgical Strike, she answered, Instead of asking for the proof’s, if they have praised Army, it will be more nice.

Bearing extreme pain inside she also said that people who are asking for the evidences should go to the Pakistan and do their politics there and do not talk about army like this.

I am proud that army took the revenge for our martyr’s soldiers. When my husband got killed brutally, at that time congress was the ruling party, nobody asked her about anything. nobody came to help her. I am happy that, this ruling govt. took the revenge of our soldiers.


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