Haryana BJP leader stop ambulance, causing death of a patient

Haryana: One after another, something negative happening for BJP. This time around, Haryana BJP leader Darshan Nagpal has been accused of causing death of a patient after he stopped an ambulance for around 30 minutes when ambulance hit his vehicle.

However, BJP is denying this incident. Meanwhile, victim’s relatives, has lodged a complaint in this regard.

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According to patient’s relatives, straight after the ambulance hit BJP leader’s car, he gave a chase and intercepted it, causing delay in the treatment of patient.

Nagpal argued with the ambulance driver and also took away the ambulance keys.

According to the official sources, both parties have been called to the police station for the probe.

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This is the second event in Haryana that has raised questions on BJP leaders.

Few days back, the state BJP President’s son was accused of stalking a woman and chasing her on the streets of Chandigarh.