Heavy rain led to Mumbai Stampede: Railway Probe

Mumbai: The stampede at Elphistone Road railway station foot over bridge in Mumbai was caused due to heavy rains, according to an inquiry report.

As per sources, the officials have said that heavy rain led to overcrowding at the narrow bridge connecting two stations and its staircases as commuters refused to step out in the rain.

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Sources reveal that after recording the statements of 30 injured people in the stampede, the panel, headed by the Western Railway chief security officer, submitted its report to WR General Manager Anil Kumar. It has also examined video footage of the incident.

Twenty-three people were killed and 30 were injured in a stampede on September 29.

Sources say that the probe panel also accepted the theory that a flower seller’s cry of ‘phool gir gaya'(flowers have fallen) was mistaken as ‘pul gir gaya'(the bridge has fallen) and set of panic.

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If sources are to be believed, the officials also said that none of the witnesses supported the claim of a short circuit on the bridge leading to the chaos. The probe panel has recommended that passengers should be not be allowed from carrying having luggage during peak hours.