Here are 5 easy ways to get rid of pimples!

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Pimples mostly grow during monsoons as at that time the skin becomes greasy due to the presence of moisture in the air. There are certain precautions we need to take care of in order to get rid of pimples.

Here are five ways to follow:-

1)Simple diet: Avoid using fried and baked food items like, baked potatoes and doughnuts as this will lead to the emergence of pimple on your skin.

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2)Wipe your sweat: While performing any physical activity during summers will result in sweating, which contains toxins and impurities. So, make sure that you wipe the sweat from a clean cloth or towel to make your skin pimple free.

3)Know your skin type: Always use the products that are made for your skin type as using different kinds of products will tend to clog your pores and will irritate your skin, which will result in pimple.

4)Water: Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day will make your skin glow and pimple free as it flushes out all the harmful toxins out of the body.

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5)Avoid frequent usage of cosmetics: Applying makeup on daily basis on your skin will clog the pores and hence will result in the growth of pimples.