Here are few hand-on-tips to get glowing skin this Diwali

Photo related to glowing and beautiful skin.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet, consume green and leafy vegetables in order to get a glowing and healthy skin.

Few easy steps to make your skin glow:-

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– Remove your makeup and moisturise your skin well before going to the bed as this will prevent break-outs and will not harm your skin.

– Consumption of healthy veggies and fruits always will keep the supply of vitamins in your body which in turn will keep your active and glowing.

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– Drink lots of water in order to flush out toxins from the body generated by the consumption of unhealthy food and also by our faulty eating habits.

– Washing your face twice a day with gentle foaming face wash will avoid sticking of dust in your skin. Facial wipes suitable to your skin can also be used to wipe clean your face.

– Use cucumber peel offs under your eyes in order to remove the dark circles, reason being eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, so it will be wise to use cucumber instead of any other rough face wash.

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– Prepare a face pack of rosewater and multaani mitti and apply it on your face atleast once every week. This will act as a toner and claiming agent for stressed out skin.

– Apply tomato juice on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes before removing it off. This will make the skin look fresh and more beaming.

(By:- Prishita Rathi)


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