Here are five amazing wonders Turmeric can do for your skin!

Turmeric can do amazing wonders to your skin and hairs and can be useful in the treatment of various skin ailments; this spice is a part of the ginger family and is widely used in China and India to cure various skin diseases.

Here are few benefits of Turmeric:-

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1. Anti-Bacterial Agent: Turmeric can heal wounds and small cuts and it has been used since several years as an anti-bacterial agent. Turmeric paste if applied on wounds can heal the wound quickly and avoid any bacterial infections.

2. Anti-Aging: Turmeric powder or paste has the capacity to act as an anti-aging cream, when mixed with equal amounts of gram flour and raw milk and then applied on face will make your skin glow and remove dead cells.

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3. Improves Skin Elasticity: Turmeric stimulates new cell growth and helps to keep the skin young and fresh. It contains many antioxidants and helps to tighten the loosen skin.

4. Lightens Pigmentation: Applying turmeric helps in reducing skin pigmentation and also retains the original color of the skin if affected by UV rays of the sun. It also improves skin tone and this is the reason why several natural creams use turmeric as one of their major ingredient.

5. Cures Acne: Applying the mixture of turmeric powder and sandalwood paste on face helps to heal and prevent acne. Further to lighten the spots one can use raw turmeric powder with few drops of rosewater.

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