High risk of colon cancer in overweight boys

Photo used for representation.

London: According to the information given by the research, overweight boys may be at a higher risk of colon cancer in adulthood in comparison to the thinner ones.

A cancer of the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tracts lower end is the third most common cancer in the world.

The results showed that boys who were overweight (BMI greater than 17.88 kg/m2) at age 7 years but normal weight (BMI under 25.0 kg/m2) as young men had similar risk of adult colon cancer as those who maintained a stable, healthy weight throughout.

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In contrast, overweight boys who remained overweight as young men had twice the colon cancer risk.

“Overweight boys that lose weight and achieve a normal-weight status by young adulthood do not carry an increased risk of adult colon cancer compared with boys who remain normal-weight as young men,” said Britt Wang Jensen from Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, in Denmark .

“However, overweight boys who remain overweight as young men have an increased risk of adult colon cancer. These results highlight the importance of weight management in childhood,” Jensen added.

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