Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump after midnight vote in Dixville Notch

Photo of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (Right) along with Republican rival Donald Trump.

Washington: In an amazing result in the United States President election today Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton defeated Republican rival Donald Trump in Dixville Notch a small town in New Hampshire which traditionally votes just after midnight before the Presidential election balloting starts elsewhere in the US later in the day.

According to USA Today reported Hillary get four votes where as Trump picked up two in comparison of his rival.

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The New Hampshire small community which has registered population of 12 in the 2010 census-is popular for casting ballots shortly after midnight on Election Day while gathered in a single ballroom.

This tradition started in the year 1960, when the cast its nine votes for Richard Nixon’s presidential bid.

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The small town Dixville Notch had witnessed a tie in 2012, between Romney and Democratic incumbent Barack Obama as both received five votes each. In 2008, Obama collected 15 votes and became first ever Democrat to wear the winning cap.

Tom Tillotson, whose father Neil Tillotson started the midnight voting tradition in the town in 1960, moderated the voting on Tuesday.

He told international news agency that the ballot booths are just small cubicles were not enough for all the six voters and two of them had to mark their ballots at a writing desk nearby.

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