Hillary Clinton defeats Bernie Sanders’ in Washington D.C. Primary

Former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, a presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, won the series of presidential Primary elections against the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in the District of Columbia on June 14, 2016, and post results the two candidates held a ‘Positive discussion’ in Washington.

The factors which made these results quite anticipated was the stalwartly democratic throttle hold which was also a closed Primary, in which independent voters are unable to take part and it is home to large African- American population, both of which worked in Clinton’s favor.

After 14-months campaign, and with just one rally for the supporters, Sander’s was never expected to do well in the city.

Clinton emerged as a winner securing 78 per cent of votes in her favor. 

Post defeat, Sanders said, “What has to happen and what this fight has always been about is transforming America.”

He added, “It is standing up for working people, it is fighting for a progressive agenda which serves the needs of working people and not powerful corporate interests, and we are going to take that fight into the convention in Philadelphia.”

Polling in Philadelphia is due for next month.

Following his defeat he said ‘he is committed to working with Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump.’

On the other hand, Hillary took to Twitter to announce her win in the polls.