‘Hindi Medium’ based on original material: Saket Chaudhary

Photo of the director of 'Hindi Medium' Saket Chaudhary.

Mumbai: Bollywood director Saket Chaudhary has finally turned down all the rumors that his forthcoming movie ‘Hindi Medium’ featuring Irrfan Khan and Pakistani actress Saba Qamar as the leading lady, is a copy of 2014 Bengali movie ‘Ramdhanu’. He also firmly stated that his movie is based on original material.

While talking to the media, Saket went on to say: “‘Hindi Medium’ is a story about how education that is supposed to be a tool of enlightenment has become a tool to create inequality. This inequality is created on the basis of English — schools versus regional language schools, private schools versus government schools.”

He further went on to say: “We have researched our script over a year and it is based on original material. I would request everyone involved to not rush to a judgement without ascertaining the facts. And the facts can easily be confirmed by watching ‘Hindi Medium’ on May 12.”

The trailer of “Hindi Medium” was released on Friday, leading to talks about similarities between the two films.

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