‘Hindi Medium’ is based on original material: Irrfan

Kolkata: Actor Irrfan Khan today said that the script of his upcoming movie Hindi Medium is based on original and further mentioned that its is also a real life incident.

“Well, the film is inspired by a real life incident… It should say inspired by or based on real life incidents. It is a debatable thing and one should debate upon it,” the actor told the media here.

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“Hindi Medium” stars Irrfan and Pakistani actress Saba Qamar in the lead. Directed by Saket Chaudhary, “Hindi Medium” is a story about how education that is supposed to be a tool of enlightenment has become a tool to create inequality.

This inequality is created on the basis of English medium schools versus regional language schools and private schools versus government schools. It has been described as a light-hearted romantic film about a young couple in Chandni Chowk in Delhi who aspire to move into society’s upper crust.

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