Hindu priest killed by Islamist Militants in Bangladesh

Dhaka: In yet another shocking incident, a 70-year-old Hindu priest was killed by unidentified goons in western Bangladesh today. The attack on the priest was supposedly carried out by the Islamist militants.

As per reports, body of Ananda Gopal Ganguly was found in a rice field near his home in the village of Noldanga in Jhenidah district. Head of the priest was found detached from the body. The priest left his home in the morning today to offer prayers, however later his body was found at a rice field.

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Talking on the incident, deputy police chief Gopinath Kanjilal said, “It was too early to point fingers at any group, but added that ‘pattern of the killing is similar to ones carried out by local Islamist militants in recent time.”

This is not the first time when murders of secular and liberal activists and religious minorities have taken place and in the last ten weeks, Ganguly is the 11th person to be killed. Also, more than 40 people dead in the last three years in the attacks which have been claimed by IS jihadists group.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government held Islamists for the attacks on the minorities.

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