Homeless woman tries to sell baby boy for Rs 50,000

Baby in cradle.

New Delhi: A Hyderabad woman who was homeless tried to sell her newborn child for Rs 50,000 as she could not afford to the upbringing of the baby.

According to the reports, the 24-year-old woman named Jyothi who lived in Begumpet area in Hyderabad was forced to sell her baby boy.

As per the information, the reason behind this was that the lady was cheated and impregnated by an unknown person and since it was a difficult task for her to take care of the baby alone, therefore she decided to sell the infant for Rs 50,000 with the help of a broker.

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The broker had finalised a deal with another lady named Rizwana, but the deal was not successful as the alert people who lived there informed a nearby located NGO.

As soon as the information was passed on to the local police, they arrested Rizwana and are searching for the broker who ran away.

On the other hand, the police have shifted Jyothi and her newborn baby boy to Shishu Vihar for better care.

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