Honda offers free PUC check for customers on National Pollution Control Day

Photo of Honda motorcycle and scooters promoting fight against pollution on National Pollution Control Day.

New Delhi: Honda motorcycle and scooters celebrated National Pollution Control Day yesterday and went on to educate people on preserving the environment and spreading the message ‘Be the Solution to Pollution’.

Honda also offered free PUC and emission level check and educated all the customers about the importance of regular vehicle maintenance. This can help in controlling pollution and be the solution to the problem. The initiative taken up by Honda motorcycle and scooters may point out focus on the problems created by pollution.

The President and CEO of Honda, Keita Muramatsu went on to say that: “Preserving the environment is among the top priorities for us at Honda. We are committed to 30% CO2 reduction by the end of 2020. We are actively contributing to build a greener tomorrow.”

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He also revealed that the main aim is to create a green environment so that many diseases could be avoided and further went on to say that: “In line with our vision of “Blue skies for our children”, this day is focused on creating awareness on how consumers can by reducing, reusing and recycling; not only help in reducing carbon footprint but also add to a larger cause of environmental conservation. By activating this campaign through our entire dealership network, we are excited to reach out to maximum number of 2 wheeler customers and magnify the campaigns impact.”

The National Pollution day celebrated to create awareness among people and factories to look over the matter and think about the effects of Pollution and how to prevent pollution causing acts. It is also celebrated on December 2 in India in the respect to all those who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tradegy.

By:- Prishita Rathi