How to greet ministers? UP Govt has the answer

State’s chief secretary Rajiv Kumar has passed a directive that requires all government officials to pay ‘due deference’ to politicians and this is seen as a move to ’empower’ MPs and MLAs in Uttar Pradesh.

The order also warns that if this ‘deference’ is not provided to the politicians, strict action will be taken against the offenders.

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According to the directive, which comes as part of the Protocol of Public Representatives, if MPs and MLAs come to meet senior bureaucrats, the latter must stand up and welcome them, and do the same when seeing them off.

In addition, all phone calls of the people’s representatives need to be taken at all times, even if the bureaucrat is in a meeting.

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Finally, the directive states, no officer can be the chief guest at any public function from now on, and public representatives must be invited instead.

Here’s what the order says: The directive requires all government officials to pay due deference to all MPs and MLAs and secondly, it also states that phone calls from ministers must be taken at all times, even if the officer is in a meeting.

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