Hurricane Irma: Tropical storm-force move to Florida after hitting Cuba

Hurricane Irma is not all set to hit Florida’s southern tip subsequent to the devastation effect on Cuba. Severe warnings have been predicted of heavy rain and potentially deadly storm due to the tropical storm-force winds.

However, Irma’s winds weakened to certain extent yesterday to 130 mph as the storm skittered along Cuba’s northern coast toward the United States. Hurricane conditions were anticipated in the Florida Keys and across southern and central Florida beginning Saturday night.

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According to the National Hurricane Center Irma’s eye was due to strike part of the Florida Keys early Sunday morning before driving up the state’s southwestern coast by Sunday afternoon and into the night.

“(The core) is forecast right now to still go through the lower keys, not quite to Key West, and then on up to Naples, on up to Cape Coral, with a Category 4 wind of 140 mph,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

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Gov. Rick Scott said, and many coastal residents already have moved inland. “If you have been ordered to evacuate, leave now — not tonight, not in an hour, now,” Scott said Friday night. “This is as real as it gets,” tweeted the National Weather Service. “Nowhere in the Florida Keys will be safe … you still have time to evacuate.”