Hyderabad businessman kills wife, burns body parts

Hyderabad: In yet another horrendous incident, a 36-year-old businessman murdered his wife, cut her body into pieces, stuffed it inside a suitcase and then tried to burn it.

Although, before he could do something like this, he was caught by the local people in the city.

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The accused, Rupesh who hails from Madhapur, killed his wife, cut her into pieces and then stuffed it inside a suitcase. After which he drove down to the outskirts of the city, Shamshabad along with the suitcase and while coming back, his car got stuck inside on a mud-filled road near Shamshabad where he sought help of the local people who noticed blood on the rear side of the car.

Following this, they informed the police who arrested Rupesh on grounds of suspicion. Initial probe reveals that Rupesh had disputes with his wife and after this he also confessed to the crime.

The police have also recovered the partially burnt body parts of his wife.

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Rupesh married Cynthia in 2008. They both met in Congo where she was a club dancer. The two after getting married moved to India and they together have a daughter named Sania.