I don’t understand TRP, it’s best that you do your work: Pankaj Dheer

Mumbai: Actor Pankaj Dheer today said that he does not understand the concept of TRP and said that it is better to do your work and let audience decide about the result.

Dheer stated: “I don’t understand TRP. It’s best that you do your work, let people decide how good you are and let the producers, writers and directors decide about the story.”

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Pankaj told media when he was asked if the content on TV is regression and yet to evolve that “It is. We have (India has) such a good history, beautiful culture and classics. Why can’t we make subjects based on classics? Let everyone know how great our writers were.”

“There is a little bit change which I saw in the show in Life OK. Men-oriented serials were coming in recently… I was doing one of them — ‘Baazigar’, which unfortunately did not do very well… The content on TV is dependent on the marketing team who decide what the Indian audience can watch,” he said.

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