Illegal sand mining backed by Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati

Sonbhadra: Illegal mining is at its peak in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. A temporary bridge has been constructed in the heart of River Son and with the help trucks illegal sand mining is also carried out.

Mining in the area is carried out by the machines because of which the course of the river has changed. Well, the question is that with whose consent has a bridge been constructed over the River Son and who all share the revenue generated from the illegal mining?

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Illegal mining has been stayed by the High Court in Sonbhadra, despite of that continuous illegal mining is taking place in this area and is backed by the political influence.

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Temporary bridge has been constructed to easily carry out this sand mining process involving large number of trucks and machines to lift the sand from the river bed.

Mining is been done even in the areas that are not included in their allotted area. Permit is been granted to these people without any restriction resulting in the smooth running of the illegal mining process.

Recently, illegal mining conducted in the Mahalpur area was hyped resulting in the stoppage of the process in that area. However, following the incident illegal mining is been carried in the nearby area with no restriction.

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Chopan block and Jugail area is very much of a comfort zone for the people involved in the illegal mining. The process of sand mining is been carried out even during the day time apart from the work done at night.

According to the sources, the entire racket is been carried out under the supervision of the state government. SP Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, director of mining department and other district administrative officials are involved in this illegal mining.

Places where illegal mining is carried out include Sonbhadra, near Chopan Hydal. Permit with name Pawan Kumar, illegal mining is been done in gaata number 1667/10 of Daala range.

Araji number-1910 that was allotted to Bihari son of Prahlad Das. Use of big machines was restricted in this area. Despite lacking permission of usage of big machines work is been carried out with them and that too in the areas that has not been allotted to them.

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