In your 20’s? Give yourself a chance to become your own boss…!

When you are in your teens, you have studies and bookish knowledge as the primary focus and you are possibly looking forward to reach in you tees to experiment with your knowledge, implement your thoughts and put things differently as you ever imagined them in your thoughts.

Keeping in mind the creative and successful things done by the richest individuals and entrepreneurs, when you are in your 20’s then you are in your best phase to try out things and become your own boss.

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Some of the finest examples of this are the names who are ruling many segments of the society and you won’t believe, maximum number of them commenced these flourishing ventures when they were in their 20’s.

Possibilities are shaped and you need to experiment in order to taste victory, even if you fall short you have ever needed experience with you that no other individual can provide you with.

He are the people who made it happen when they were in their 20’s

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Mark Zuckerberg is one such example. He created Facebook when he was in his twenties.

Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates was 20 when he created Microsoft.

Bill Gates

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Adam D’Angelo co-founder of Quora opted to quit as a Facebook employee and then created Quora when he was just 29.

Adam D'Angelo

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google when they were just 25.