India has capability to develop space station: ISRO

Photo of ISRO chief A.S Kiran Kumar.

Indore: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman A S Kiran Kumar today said the country has the capability to develop a space station.

His reaction was come after India follows ISRO display of technological prowess last week by launching 104 satellites in a single mission.

The ISRO chief was in the Indore city to attend the foundation day ceremony of Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology (RRCAT).

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He said, “We still talk about what would be the immediate benefits of a manned space mission. That is why the country hasn’t made up its mind about when to invest in a space station.”

Kumar said ISRO was also mulling tying up with the industry to enhance the country’s satellite launching capability.

Many more satellites were needed to keep a tab on the land and weather conditions and to enhance the communication network, he said.

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He added, this would be possible with increase in the number of satellite launches, for which the country needed to enhance the basic infrastructure and reduce the cost of equipment.

The ISRO chief said, number of companies manufacturing small satellites has gone up across the world, but these companies could not launch them, therefore this area had immense commercial potential and India could tap it by enhancing the launch facilities.