India conducted surgical strike ‘Operation Ginger’ against Pakistan in 2011

Photo of Indian army soldier during search operation in Kashmir valley.

New Delhi: According to Indian news paper reports, to take the revenge from Pakistan in 2011 when the soldiers of Pakistani military killed Indian army soldier and cut off their heads, the Indian military also conducted surgical strike ‘Operation Ginger’ during which they have killed 13 of their soldiers and beheaded their head and brought them as trophy which they have conducted across the Line Of Control (LoC).

The report also suggests that the heads of the Pakistani soldiers were later burnt to remove all traces of evidence of the incident.

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It is mentioned in the reports that India has conducted a deadly surgical strike to give reply to Pakistan in the year 2011, in which at least 13 soldiers were killed out of which six of them decapitated.

According to documents procured by a daily Indian English news paper, Pakistan attacked Indian post and killed six soldiers in July, 2011.

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Army soldiers replied with one of the deadliest cross-border raids carried out by it in the past.

Indian army’s ‘Operation Ginger’ was launched on August 30, 2011, and the army team went deep inside enemy territory. It was a just a day before the Eid and the enemy troops had not expected a retaliation.

The Indian Army soldiers left on 3.00 am on August 29, 2011, and waited until 10.00 pm. They placed claymore mines to ambush Pakistani soldiers.

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They detonated the mines after four Pakistani soldiers, led by a Junior Commissioned Officer reached the ambush site. Then they lobbed grenades and fired at them. The soldiers also kept an IED under one of the bodies.

The official documents, photograph and video evidence accessed by the news paper, capture the two cross-border raids and the brutality of the tit-for-tat cycle.


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