India fails to get special status as defence partner by US Senate

Washington: The legislative chamber of United States Senate (US) on Wednesday in Washington has failed to recognise India as a “global strategic and defence partner” of the country after a key amendment necessary to modify its export control regulations could not be passed.

Soon after a day when Prime Minster Narendra Modi has recently address a joint session of Congress, top Republican senator John McCain had moved an amendment to the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA-17) which if passed would recognised India as a major global strategic and defence partner.

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When Modi has addressed the American Parliament a joint statement has came from US side after Indian PM meet President Barack Obama that America has recognied India as a major defence partner, which supported defence-related trade and technology transfer to the country which could now be treated on par with America’s closest allies.

The US Senate has passed NDAA with an over overwhelming bipartisan vote of 85-13, but some of the key amendments including the (SA4618)? Even though they had bipartisan support? Could not be passed by the Senate.

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A Congressional aide told media persons, that “The (Senate) amendment (No 4618) was not adapted to the NDAA”.

This particular movie on India has come without any specific mentioning; McCain expressed his disappointment that many key amendments could not see the light of the day.

“I regret that the Senate was unable to debate and vote on several matters critical to our national security, many of which enjoyed broad bipartisan support,” McCain said in a statement

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“In particular, I am deeply disappointed the Senate was not able to increase the number of special immigrant visas for Afghans who risked their lives to help America in a time of war, and whose lives are still at risk today,” he said

“Too often throughout this process, a single senator was able to bring the Senate’s work on our national defence to a halt. This was a breakdown in the decorum of the Senate, and one that will have serious consequences,” McCain said.


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