India get Bullet train, maintenance still a worry for Indian railways!

Prime Minister of Japan during his visit to India met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and laid the foundation stone together. The project is funded by the Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA).

Now the question is that weather this initiative will be a boost for the Indian railways or not? The prime concern of the experts is that will India be able to meet the security concern for this project, though there will be all professional expertise given from Japan side.

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There are few pros and cons that can be seen as of now if we analyze this from the eyes of common man.

The pros:

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This initiative will surely be a boost for the travel mode and time saving perspective keeping in mind the bullet train will connect several regions that flights and air mode fails to capture.

Airports are located at the outer side of the cities and so there is much time needed to reach the port from the residential areas, while, if bullet train starts, there will be comparatively much more opportunities to link and reach the spots in quicker succession.

Another advantage that the experts are looking at is the overall development of the nearby area as there will be a hub of corporate offices and development on the economy front will take place.

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The cons:

There is not a sure shot conformation as to how Indians will manage such a high technology project in areas that are susceptible to accidents and even the basic requirements lack ground level facilities.

If people are getting option of travelling by air at a cheaper cost then why would anyone give rupees 3000 to 5000 for the bullet train?

There are chances that there might be a technical glitch that can come into sight not because Japan technology lacks in any aspect but due to the fact that Indian ground level work is not adaptable for all the high level projects.

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What can be done?

Accidents that have been taking place in the railways in the recent past are a great example that nation should work on the basic problems that Indian railways is going through and address the needs that should be fulfilled in quick succession to make the journey more secure and reliable.