India knows the potential of technology: IT Secretary

New Delhi: Senior bureaucrat today stated that India knows the potential of technology and should not settle for anything less than a leadership role when it comes to adopting Internet of Things (IoT) to perk up efficiencies across different sectors.

Information Technology Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said at the launching of the second edition of the ‘IoT India Congress 2017’ that with the two largest industries- information technology (IT) and telecom- that power the IoT industry, India is poised to become a winner in this space.

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“The capabilities in entrepreneurship in different sectors, the aspirational and second-to-none startup community in India and the young demographics makes me optimistic that India can forge ahead in this direction,” Sundarajan told reporters here.

Organised by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) India, the ‘IoT India Congress’ is country’s largest platform for accelerating business outcomes in IoT.

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