‘India, Pakistan should reduce tension to improve relations’

Photo of United States Deputy spokespersons of the State Department Mark Toner.

Washington: The United States of America today pitched for a “stronger relations” between India and Pakistan and expressed its desire that both the countries will work to reduce tensions among them.

Deputy spokespersons of the State Department Mark Toner has said while responding to a question about US’s role as mediator between India and Pakistan, Toner said during a press briefing on Thursday: “We strongly encourage in all of our dealings with either India and/or Pakistan, stronger relations between the two countries.”

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Islamabad and New Delhi began a “comprehensive dialogue” to improve ties between the two nations which saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brief stop-over in Lahore on December 25 last year to greet his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.

According to Toner, the US constantly encourages dialogue between the two neighbouring nations because “we don’t want to see tensions escalate, spiral out of control, and lead to some kind of incident”, adding that it was important for the two governments to maintain strong, cordial, and productive ties.

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However, ties between the two nations derailed after the January 2 Pathankot attack in Punjab. Seven security personnel were killed when at least five militants, suspected from Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group, attacked the Indian air-base.


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