India pitches for strong action against countries sponsoring terrorism

Photo of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Vientiane (Laos): India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today supported strongest action against countries that spreads terrorism as an instrument of state policy.

Modi said while addressing the 11th East Asia Summit here, the premier forum of the Asia-Pacific region, “We need to target not only the terrorists, but also their entire supporting ecosystem.”

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The PM without taking name of Pakistan said, “And, our strongest action should be reserved for those state actors who employ terrorism as an instrument of state policy.”

He said, “that most countries in the South Asian region were pursuing a peaceful path to economic prosperity, but there is one country in India’s neighbourhood whose competitive advantage rests solely in producing and exporting terrorism.”

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India-Pakistan relations have soured in recent times following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani in Jammu and Kashmir in July. Pakistan described Wani as a “martyr”.