India ready for talks with Pakistan on PoK, not on Kashmir issue

New Delhi: India today formally accepted proposal of its counterpart Pakistan Aizaz Chaudhary’s invitation for talks between the two countries.

India’s Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar on Wednesday said that India is ready for talks, but rejected the proposal to discuss the current Jammu and Kashmir unrest.

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Jaishankar has also conveyed that he “rejects in their entirety the self-serving allegations regarding the situation in Jammu and Kashmir” and asserted that the northern state is an integral part of India “where Pakistan has no locus standi”.

According to sources India, “In response to the invitation from the Pakistan Foreign Secretary, the Indian Foreign Secretary has conveyed his willingness to visit Islamabad.”

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The Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan on Monday handed over an invitation addressed to Jaishankar for talks, the dates for which have not yet been announced.

The Jammu and Kashmir issue has led to frostiness in ties between the neighbours, especially with Islamabad expressing open support for the current unrest in the Valley where over 60 people have died in clashes with security forces since July 9th.


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